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 The new concept

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The new concept Empty
PostSubject: The new concept   The new concept EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 10:52 pm

The new concept:

We will be beginning a new concept that we will try out.

We will begin to earn credits in supergamerSG that you can later use in trade to buy ratings and items. Remember this is only a concept.

How you earn it.
The more people you help the more SGC(supergamer credits) you earn to spend.
The most reports the most SGC.
The best ideas the best SGC.

Then later when you get a 100 SGC then you can purchase 1 UGC(ultra game credits) then you can earn yourself BIG STUFF like a place of glory in the moderator ranks!

Remember this is only a concept.
Only members can vote.
The voting begins 8th of october till 12th of october.
We will count up the votes on the 14th of october.

How to vote:

You have to write a PM.

At the top of your pm write 37z.

Type in yes or no.

And then your done.

PLEASE NOTE: The voting will begin on the 8th of october till the 14th of october 2011.
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The new concept
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